Group Members

Primary Investigator

P. Lee Ferguson

P. Lee Ferguson

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Environmental analytical chemistry and applications of high resolution mass spectrometry to trace organic contaminant analysis Environmental fate of per-and-polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment Polymer additives and microplastics in the aquatic environment Mechanisms of environmental endocrine disruption in aquatic organisms

Research Scientists

Joyce, Ph.D.

Abigail Joyce, Ph.D.

ACC Superfund Center Research Scientist

PhD Students


Patrick Faught

Doctoral Candidate

Patrick joined the lab in the Summer of 2019 as the Duke Superfund ACC intern. Following his internship, he joined the lab full time as a Research Associate to assist in the ongoing PFAST Network project as well as other lab projects related to the Superfund Center and PFAS in the environment. 

Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

Doctoral Candidate - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Anna is interested in the use of non-target LC-HRMS for characterization polymer additives, specifically disperse azobenzene dyes, in microplastic fibers. Her research focuses on desorption of disperse azobenzene dyes from the fibers and biological uptake in oysters.


Jake C. Ulrich

Doctoral Candidate - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jake joined the lab as a graduate student in 2017. His work primarily focuses on applying high-performance mass spectrometry tools to better understand environmental contamination. He works on developing methods to better detect and quantify glyphosate, as well as, understanding the environmental fate of this pesticide. He also does work in using high-resolution mass spectrometry to better understand the drinking water quality health of waters in the "developing world" with projects based in Haiti and Sri Lanka.